PUBLITAXI, founded in Milan in 1998, is the first Italian company to work all over Italy with national and local advertising campaigns, mainly in Milan and Rome and also in Europe, using only decorated taxis as a way of advertising for nearly 20 years.
ESPOTAXI is a new opportunity to decorate the interior of the taxi in a great and organized way. Take advantage of LED technology to illuminate the decoration to attract the attention of the passenger.

Experience and new technologies coupled with modern requirements have led to a complete differentiation of exterior decoration from that of the interior of the taxi, which affects customers who usually have a wealthy lifestyle and are mindful of new trends and promotional messages.
The use of ESPOTAXI is an innovative option for decorating the interior of the taxi, which is much more efficient in terms of communication and is more accessible and noticeable to passengers with its sophistication and class, and definitely attracts the interest of the best local advertisers.
ESPOTAXI is an innovative opportunity to decorate the interior of the taxi, which is more effective in terms of communication.

Affordable and noticeable for customers with low manufacturing costs, allowing higher margins on campaign sales.
In addition, ESPOTAXI has a side pocket where you can put a promotional flyer containing promotions, discounts, coupons, maps or plain explanations, web addresses, locations, or phone numbers.

ESPOTAXI is a patented advertising panel for interior taxi decoration and can be advertised on both sides of the panel itself in two formats: A5 (head) on the headrest and A3 (body) on the back (on the back of the front seat, usually on the passenger side).

The A5 (head) and A3 (body) panels are inserted into a black cloth made of artificial leather combined in a triple structure, making the message even more valuable.

The two advertising spaces are framed, designed and created specifically to decorate the interior of the taxi.

The product is absolutely discreet and unobtrusive.
The ESPOTAXI can be matte with the ability to highlight the graph with an indirect lighting system activated by a motion sensor and a microchip.

It begins to illuminate thirty seconds after opening the rear door of the car for a period of 3 minutes, thus drawing the attention of the passengers to the message or brand being advertised.

After this period it is automaticall turned off and stays inactive for another three minutes, then if the sensor still registers motion, the cycle of six minutes is restarted - three minutes on and three off.

Each exhibitor is unique, marked and numbered with year, month, and sequential number so that it can be managed and indicated in the contract with each taxi driver.
In the LED version, the light intensity does not bother the client (even at night), as the brightness is adjusted with a microchip on the electronic dashboard and turns the creativity of image into a video effect.
ESPOTAXI is produced only for internal taxi communication and has no other use. It is designed with an easy installation, decoration and functionalities, and is extremely safe for both customer and the taxi driver.
There is no voice message - it does not interfere with the passenger and does not distract the driver.

While external decoration relies on an undefined target, ESPOTAXI relies on taxi users - active people in the city who usually have the power of decision-making and daily purchasing power. In a few words, "money" is inside taxis. It has been proven that ESPOTAXI works and increases sales of advertised products. The purchase of ESPOTAXI will be paid off within a few months. With a three-year guarantee ESPOTAXI's purchase is a sure increase of income.

ESPOTAXI is a worldwide patent with a variety of application and design that is sold only to taxi associations and advertising agencies all over the world.
The goal is to create an European or even global network that is capable of selling advertising space to international customers by offering them to advertise in the different cities that have purchased the product.
For this reason, depending on the city, it will not be sold in one piece or several pieces. Еach request will be carefully considered and an exclusive rights contract will be granted to avoid the theft or copying of the idea in a cheap way with poor quality, shattering the image and outstanding design that characterizes ESPOTAXI.

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